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My name is James. I am a front-end web developer with a strong focus on modern user interfaces, maintainable and scalable CSS, and web accessibility. I am currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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I do a lot of things in the field of web development, mainly on the front-end writing HTML, CSS & presentational JavaScript. I love the diverse and unique challenges of the web user interface as well as mentoring and sharing my knowledge with others.

I also enjoy working both in a freelance capacity for small businesses, as well as part of bigger development teams at digital agencies and large corporations.

I am currently leading a project within the Digital Web Development team at Standard Life Phoenix Group, to develop a front-end framework that will be integrated into all their websites and applications. The aim is to bring flexibility, brand consistency and a modern refresh to the company's sites and services.

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I'm available for projects from September 2019, feel free to get in touch!

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